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pvc weapon & 3D PVC


The 150/100th reinforced membrane consists of a high resistance polyester grid placed between two sheets of High Performance PVC. An additional protective varnish is applied on the water side. AlkorPlan 2000 is assembled by hot air welding and reinforced with liquid PVC. This method of installation makes it possible to achieve the perfect watertightness of the pool.


It is ideal for sealing for the renovation of old swimming pools, the construction of beautiful swimming pools, very large swimming pools, stairs in simple or free shapes, overflowing swimming pools, basins of unusual and municipal shapes, dressing damaged shells or for swimming pools under dome given the resistance to high temperatures, ideal also for swimming pools equipped with a heat pump.

Aqualiner34 offers its customers, as a pool builder, the installation of high -end reinforced pvc liner which will provide optimal pool sealing. This membrane is also suitable for all types of pool cleaners and all sorts of pool filtration (salt, chlorine, etc.), provided for any installation of reinforced PVC liner offered by Aqualiner34.


The waterproofing membrane has a full 10-year, 6-year anti-stain guarantee, in accordance with the higher class standard NF EN 15-836-2 as well as a high temperature guarantee (33° instead of the classic 28°).


Give your pool a new look!

One of the best aspects of a Reinforced PVC coated pool   is the ability to change this and refresh the look of your pool. A new pattern  or color can change the hue of the water and create a whole new aesthetic for your garden.

Whether you're looking for a light, tropical feel or a rich, sophisticated style, Reinforced PVC makes it easy to change the look of your backyard pool. Aqualiner34 can help you install new reinforced PVC in days.

In addition to changing your Reinforced PVC , you can also add new elements like steps or a deck to improve your swimming pool experience. It's a great option for existing pool owners looking to refresh or enhance their backyard.

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Advantages of ARMED PVC?

Reinforced PVC swimming pools have many advantages, starting with easy customization. With nearly limitless shapes and designs, liners fit any size while offering flexible patterns and colors.

One of the best benefits of a swimming pool  Reinforced PVC is its price compared to other types of pools. Get a customizable in-ground pool for less than the price of a concrete pool and install it faster! In addition, pools equipped with our reinforced PVC are also easy to clean and maintain, perfect for intensive use.

The coatings offered by Aqualiner34 are backed by the best warranties in the industry. On average, owners replace their reinforced PVC every 25 years ! Design a liner pool  customizable that will last for years.

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Replace your liner for a whole new look

Add new elements to your pool (stairs.. )

The replacement of your reinforced PVC can be carried out within 3 to 4 days

all shapes...

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Alkorplan 3000 3D Touch PVC is a reinforced membrane with 2 mm thickness. This thickness of 200/100th combined with the 2 flexible layers of PVC offer exceptional resistance to guarantee watertightness of the pool. The membrane is engraved, which makes it possible to obtain a 3D relief. This particularity offers the advantage of personalizing your pool to make it unique and singular. Its prints and natural textures allow for perfect integration into the environment. This relief print benefits from successive layers of varnish which ensures the impermeability of the pool. This varnish also offers protection against stains with a 6-year anti-stain guarantee.

Renolit Alkorplan PVC 200/100th coverings are produced in accordance with AFNOR NF T 54-803-2 standard, installation and maintenance according to AFNOR NF T 54-804 standard.

Alkorplan 3000 3D Touch 200/100th reinforced PVC has many advantages:

  • Perfect resistance to tearing and deformation

  • Optimal resistance to aging and temperature

  • Easy and easy maintenance

  • A perfect adaptation for pools with non-standard shapes: very large pools, overflow pools, complex shapes, etc.

  • A protective varnish against stains

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