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Aqualiner34 also offers you the complete restoration of your swimming pool, filtration (change of swimming pool pump, swimming pool sand filter, addition of salt treatment and complete automation of your swimming pool such as PH and automatic chlorine), piping, various tasks masonry (addition of a hard staircase, bottom riser, addition of a hard spa, change of copings, creation of additional sealing parts, etc.). It is also possible for us to change your hydraulic network (pipeline, change of skimmers, spots, bottom drain, discharge, etc.). Aqualiner34 also offers the installation of an automatic shutter or a cover on an old swimming pool in order to secure it.

Whether you have a round swimming pool, a rectangular swimming pool, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, a custom-made swimming pool, whether it is shell, tiled, painted, it is possible for us to bring your pleasure area back to life with all possible guarantees.


Has your pool liner been punctured? holed? torn?…or just loose and showing signs of a poor seal? Aqualiner 34 changes your old liner to an Armed PVC of your choice!



Do you want to change the current coating of your pool to reinforced PVC ? We will start by studying the construction material of your swimming pool in order to assess the feasibility of your project. Indeed, depending on the type of wall (concrete, sheet metal, corrugated sheet metal, polyester plates, etc.), the choice and installation of reinforced PVC may be different.

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